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The Hope for Living (HFL) Project stands for social equality. We address the prevalence and barriers of youth homelessness through a critical race theory lens.

About Us

The Hope for Living Project (HFL) is mainly a nonprofit organization - & student-run club at Washtenaw International High School. We work to educate ourselves and the community about the challenges and stigma around youth homelessness. A large part of our work is also understanding the racial implication within youth homelessness. We have received the Princeton Prize in Race Relations award, had a Michigan state representative and local press attend our local-level panel, and our virtual concert fundraiser provided direct aid and hybrid programming to 590 homeless youth during the midst of the pandemic!

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About Us
Our Team

Our Team

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Founder, President

Vaish Tummala is currently a senior at Washtenaw International High School. She is passionate about social activism and also loves her Goldendoodle or anything to do with the Harry Potter series.


Vice President

Anum Khan is a senior at Washtenaw International High School and Vice President of HFL. She loves raising awareness for the things she's passionate about and spending her free time with her family and friends. 

Briana Sanders is currently a senior enrolled at Washtenaw International High School. She enjoys yoga classes and spends the majority of her time indulging in her self-care regimens.  Her passion for activism sparked a journey to support all causes that promote change in today's society


Social Media & Outreach Manager

Your Support

Donate to the Hope for Living Project to support us in our mission. Any donation, small or large would be greatly appreciated. 

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Your Support

Our Community

We are working to provide support and resources for individuals in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Our Community
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