Hope for Living stands for social justice and confronts social issues head on. We address issues such as racism and youth homelessness.

About Us

The idea for the Hope For Living Project was sprouted by Vaishnavi Tummala. In 9th grade, Vaish started participating in the activism program offered at the Neutral Zone, a youth-driven center dedicated to promoting community growth through creative expression, collaboration, and leadership. Her involvement at the Neutral Zone ignited the passion for activism in Vaish and gave her the skills to start the Hope For Living Project. Now Vaish and her team address pressing social issues in the community. Our goal now is to raise awareness and help shed light on various challenges in the community, primarily focusing on racial inequality within youth homelessness. 

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Who We Are

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Vaish is currently a junior at Washtenaw International High School. She is passionate about community service, racial equality, and especially activism. Vaish also loves cooking, anything to do with Harry Potter, and playing with her dog. 

Your Support

Donate to the Hope for Living Project in order to fight social inequality in your community. Any donation, small or large would be greatly appreciated. 100% of your donation will go towards providing a better quality of life and services for those who are less fortunate. 

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Our Community

We are working to provide support and funding for the underprivileged in the communities of Michigan.

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